Employer Guide


Employer Guide

1. Register & Create Job Post

Click "Login” at the top right corner



Enter “Country Code” and “Mobile Phone Number”, click “GET VERIFY CODE”, enter verify code after receiving it. Successfully become Employer after entering “First Name” and “Last Name".

Then you can create a job by clicking “MY JOBS” under “MY ACCOUNT”. After you have successfully created a JOB Post, there are 50 free tokens credited to your wallet.


2. Searching Helper

Select "HELPERS" at the top of the page, and then sort out the required helpers by using the filters.




3. Suggested to review the helper's A.I. interview video and interview report. If you are interested on the helper, you may use the token in order to get the direct contact of the helpers.


4. Process Document with our suggested partner

If you found a suitable helper on our website, you may click "Hire" under the helper's information and select our suggested Employment Agency to process the Direct Hire documents.

5. Hired Helper