傷殘女士聘請印傭 A Disabled Woman needs TALL Helper

Shau Kei Wan | 2021-11-15
$ 4630

Finish Contract , Ex-HK




Shared Bedroom

Basic Cantonese



PY Leung

Working Skills : Chinese Food Marketing Care Disabled






I am 51 years old, single, 160cm, 38.5kg, a disabled woman who is sitting in wheelchair. I have been suffering from Muscular Dystrophy since childhood. I am so thin and my body goes weaker and weaker. I am looking for a helper who is tall* and strong enough to lift me up and take care of me in daily routine.

I am living in Shau Kei Wan alone and currently have 2 Indoesian helpers to take care of me. They are serving only me (1 person, no other family member in the house). The work load is not heavy (a lot of rest time). However, one of them will finish contract on 13/11. I would like to hire a new one to take her place. So that 2 helpers will have holidays by turns, if they can take care of me independently.

Anyway, I still require that helpers are willing to accept a condition in “#no holiday at any time, just in case lack of any one of them, so that another one can take place". And I expect to hire a young Cantonese speaker, thus she may cooperate well with the current one.

I hope helpers will be happy working and living with me at my home. I am looking forward to seeing you. Thank you!

* please state the helper's height & weight
# all holidays will be paid surely