Girlie Mondejar (39)



55 kg

157.48 cm

Senior High School





First Time Oversea

HKD 5000



English only

Care Pets Ironing Care New-born (0-1 yr old) Care Kids (3-12 yr old) Care toddlers (1-3 yr old) Marketing Care Disabled Care Elderly Car Washing Tutoring



I am Girlie G. Mondejar, 39 years old, single but of 2 sons both are boys, Jhoren, 17 years old and Jan Tristan 12 years old. I live in the Philippines. My father is a farmer and my mother is a house wife both senior citizens already. I did't have an experience of a domestic helper work but as a mother of two and an auntie of my nephew which is now six months old, i know to my self that i am 100% capable of that work.
I was a lady security guard before with in six years of experience.I can also say that being a private detective is just like of the goal of a helper which is to protect their clients or company from harmful people, help them to achieve their goals.Patience,hardworking,respectful and fear of God is all i have.
I know how to take care of a baby, child, or elderly, or even pets. I can cook, market, laundry,and can clean the house at the same time.
Please choose me as your domestic helper and i can assure you that i can do well of my duties and responsibilities for the best of my ability.