Linie Llamzon (39)



56 kg

163 cm

Junior High School





First Time Oversea

HKD 4630



English only

Hong Kong Driver with license

Care Pets Care Kids (3-12 yr old) Care toddlers (1-3 yr old) Marketing Car Washing Tutoring



good day ma,sir im linie llamzon,married i am 38 years old,bless with 4 children age is 19,18,11, and 8 years old,I graduate high school from 2000 until 2001,I have experience as domestic helper in philippines from 2019 until 2021,i serve 4 member of the family,2 adults and 2 children,My responsibilities with my employer is cookinh,cleaning,ironing clothes,dishwashing,pet care,gardening,and car washing,and also i took care of new born baby and 7 years old.My routine every morning is to prepare the breakfast of my employer,and after that i get milk for the baby and help to BURF the baby,after my employer finish break fast the 7 year old girl will deliver to school before she go to work.And after that the new born baby will get shower,first i make sure that the water is warm,and then wash the head first put soap and rinse and dry,then wash the bady put soap and rinse,then wash the back of baby put soap and rinse and dry the body.Im a kind of person that i have a long patient,dedicated to my work,honest,hardworking,trustworking,loving take care of children as my own child,Thank you and god bless.

Personality Attributes

Potential Working Performance